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We are the Ultimate Company for a reason…





Our Travel Agency is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, fully licensed and which displays the authorization issued by the city hall of Florence has fully comprehensive insurance.

If you are interested in walking tours, wine tours and visit of wineries, you don’t have to worry about reservations.

You choose…walking tours, wine tours…sightseeing day trips with wine tours included…transfers…round trips…shore excursion… whatever suits you the best, how many places to visit, where to go and what to do…

I’ll let you enjoy your journey in Florence, Tuscany & Italy!

Thanks to our experience since 1990 and to our availability, we could provide for personal rates tailored on your requests.

We are the Ultimate Company for a Reason…

Qualified Private Guides & Drivers since 1990


Competence, honesty, and hard work are the rock base foundations of our business. Since 1990 our immediate success made our initial enthusiasm grow into a burning desire to share with people our passion for our homeland. Italy Guided Tour – City Sightseeng

It is our purpose to provide you with that expertise and knowledge which will let your clients experience Tuscany, Florence, and Italy with such an insight that only someone in profound love with his own country can fully communicate.

We think that one of the most valuable aspects of our job is the analysis of the client’s interests and goals for touring Italy and Tuscany and that only in communicating with him, we will really understand what’s needed and wanted.

We don’t want to just “sell tours”, we want to ensure “the right experience”.

We think that the Tourist Guide & Driver covers a strategic role in group travel. An excellent Guide & Driver thanks to his/her knowledge and personality will inspire the group to the point when the trip can become a unique experience.

The group travel is then success and the travel agency is happy, the guests are happy, the guide is happy. The guide represents the community and country where he/she lives and promotes the destination. The guide is the representative of the journey, not only a source of knowledge but also an actor and entertainer and he/she must be a professional!

A travel agency that chooses the right guide doesn’t have to worry about the trip. This is the reason Ultimate Tours was born: a pad that allows meetings between inspired travel agencies and tourist guides worldwide, improving communication between them and the quality of services for the success of both. We believe in the quality of the services we provide, starting to give a better reputation to tour guides. We ensure easier and faster contacts. For all tourism professionals who are inspired.

Chauffers and a Local Certified Tour Guides – since 1990

The experts of Ultimate Tours are pleased to join you in the comfort of your vehicle for a Private Day outing with one of our entertaining and informative Driver Guides. A Driver Guide is a perfect compromise between a Chauffer and a Local Certified Tour Guide.

He is a very knowledgeable person, fluent in the language required, passionate about the culture of the country and its traditions and has in-depth local knowledge not available in any guide book. He will enrich the drive and the day with local history, suggesting the best places according to your specific needs, and will meet your wishes and expectations.

He will advise you on the highlights and how to best enjoy the sites on the itinerary so that you save time and effort. A Driver Guide cannot take clients into museums or churches, or give full local tours as this is the role of a local city or site guide but they will give you all of the backgrounds you need so that the drives are enlightening and time is saved.

As Ultimate Tours is a fully licensed company, we are entitled to access any city that has a downtown “traffic restricted area.” This allows us to drop you off and pick you up directly where do you stay and in front of the most important sites without having to walk a mile or more from a parking lot.