Please note: If you want to book this tour 48 hours before the date
you must first request if it is available by sending a message
via whatsApp at +393483146644.
If we confirm availability you can buy it.

  Tour Length: 8 hours (transportation services + hot air balloon tour + wine tour in Chianti included lunch and tasting at wine estate). Dates: All year long – reservation must be made 72 hours in advance. Departure Point: From your Hotel/Apartment or other fixed points. Please note that the rate includes a pick-up and drop-off in Florence. Driver can be arranged to pick you from the place you stay in any region within Tuscany. When you land will be possible to enjoy a wine tour experience in Chianti Wine Region before to back at your address. Departure Time: 6.15am Days of Week: Everyday. Note: Please note that the rate includes a pick-up and drop-off in Florence. When you land will be possible to enjoy a wine tour experience in Chianti Wine Region before to back at your address. The Program:

6.15am Meet your Driver Guide directly at your address. Welcome sign ULTIMATE TOURS 7.15am Hot Air Baloon tour 9.30am Wine Tour in Chianti 10.00am Visit San Gimignano (time to climb the Great Tower and taste the Gelato World Champion) 11.30am Wine Tour, Lunch and tatsting at wine farm in Tuscany 2.30pm Return to your address. End of the tour  



Rise up gently from the ground and discover Tuscany from an alternative perspective! We are pleased to be in a “position” to offer you Tuscany from another perspective, a privileged point of view: a Hot-Air Balloon. This unique experience will enable you to rise gently from the ground, be borne along by a gentle breeze above the Tuscan landscape, discover from a bird’s-eye point of view the historical towns and splendid vineyards which have in part created the legend of this breath-taking terrain. This is power of imagination – which comes true!
You can fly like the wind in a mode which preserves the romanticism and adventure spirit of the art of flying.
How to reach the Balloon field?
Enjoy the Pilot-dance
The experience starts from the inflation of the balloon at ground level, a moment which has all the anticipation of flying…defined by one observer “the Pilot-dance”. Once the balloon is ready, it’s time to jump up into the basket and prepare one’s camera…We fly in the early morning (6:00 AM) just after dawn. The inflation takes about 45 minutes, and the flight approximately 1 hour depending on wind and weather conditions. After landing we load the balloon back onto the retrieving vehicles trailer which follows the balloon throughout the flight. Once the balloon is packed away we move on to enjoy a marvellous champagne breakfast with local produce. After breakfast we drive back to the launch field. The whole adventure takes about three and a half hours.Rides last from 45 minutes to one and a half hours, during which, thanks also to smooth flying conditions, you may take the opportunity to shoot wonderful images of exclusively Tuscan landscape: admire the infamous “red-roofed” towns and follow the course of bashful wild animals taking “flight” in the fields below… The first light of dawn creates the magic frame for the scene your eyes are observing
Land and celebrate
While flying above you can learn about the terrain and its history from the Pilot’s (tall) tales. At the end of the tour, having had a smooth landing, and following in the tradition of Hot Air Balloon fans, the success of the flight shall be celebrated with a glass of champagne and breakfast! Now comes a sumptuous brunch, comprising traditional Tuscan “peasant” food and drink – nourishment of the soul – you will have the opportunity to taste some products typical of the area just visited from “on high”, thus feasting not only eyes with the beauty of our magnificent land.
How to book
Costs are included Transportation service plus Balloon Tour plus Champagne & Chianti breakfast.
Tour Length: 4/5 hours (time flexible).
More of 8 pax submitted to quotation.
Honeymooners flight 900,00€ (basket reserved only for 2)
We consider booked a flight with a credit card number in warranty.Children minimum 10 year old.Cancellation and passenger policies for flights are as follows: No flight, no money. If you cancel your booking we will keep the 20% on total. Cancellation of the flight due to weather or mechanical reasons will not result in a charge to your credit card. Flight cancellations due to these reasons are at the sole discretion of the chief pilot.
There are no refunds for No-Shows and either your credit card will be charged 100% of the full purchase price. Pregnant women or those who may think that they are pregnant or persons who have a medical condition, which in the pilots’ opinion could be aggravated in the event of a hard landing, will not be able to participate in the hot air balloon adventure.
Safety is our highest priority for our passengers .
For general enquires and availability, simply contact us by our reservation form. Hot air ballooning arrived in Tuscany about 25 years ago, and since then the numbers of Ballooning Clubs and Associations offering balloon rides has increased year by year. Changes occur as organizations move and develop, but the two constant players remain unchanged.1
It is believed that Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to discover the hot-air “rising” syndrome. But the real pioneers of hot air balloon flying were the brothers Montgolfier who developed the discovery of hydrogen, and worked on its potential to be generated. The first experiments and public exhibitions took place during the period of the French Enlightment, leaving speechless masses of onlookers and scientists. When, in 1783, the first balloon floated above the capital, the French public went into a frenzy. This balloon, comprising almost 4 metres in diameter, rose to an altitude of 900 metres and landed smoothly at a distance of 20 kilometres, the zone where today is located Charles De Gaulle Airport.

Hot Air Balloon Ride for disabled people in Tuscany

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