Ultimate “The GENIUS Tour” – Tour of the LEONARDO DA VINCI Museum & FLORENCE (3 hrs)


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Ultimate “The GENIUS Tour” – Tour of the LEONARDO DA VINCI Museum & FLORENCE (3 hrs)

If you are thinking that a private guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery with your kids would be too stressful, let me change your mind! Florence, town of artistic and cultural treasures, hometown of painters and sculptors, writers and poets, opens its gates to all those who are keen to admire its multifaceted beauty.

Know more about the life and the works of the greatest genius of all times with our guided tour of the Leonardo Da Vinci museum!

Florence has been the home of one of the greatest geniuses of history. Our private tour focuses on the Florentine years of Leonardo da Vinci. Born in the hamlet of Vinci in 1452, he lived in Florence, not far from the Duomo, and did many of his scientific studies in this city. He was a scientist,  painter, architect, inventor, botanist, engineer and he also wrote poems! His manuscripts with drawings are kept in the most important libraries all around the world and his paintings are preserved in some of the greatest world museums. Leonardo’s tour aims to give you the big picture of his multiple studies through an accurate visit of Leonardo Da Vinci Museum.

The tour of the Leonardo’s Museum is a journey in the mind of a man who investigated every possible field of knowledge

Leonardo’s studies and inventions are even more incredible considering that it was a time when modern science was not yet born and the geographical discoveries were just starting to model a different idea of the world.

Leonardo’s Museum houses models of his most surprising machines built in real size, such as  war machinery and building-site machinery, many of which can be tested by visitors. Leonardo had a real passion for nature which was to him an incredible source of wonder, that is why he studied it in all its countless forms with the aim, sometimes, to control it as when he produced innovative cartographic surveys and studied how to divert and regiment water courses.

He went nuts for optics and perspective experiments as well as for very different fields of study, such as the human anatomy. During our tour of Leonardo’s Museum, you will see some reproductions of his anatomical studies which were the result of the many dissections of corpses that he did in the Santa Maria Nuova hospital of Florence and that witness his deep knowledge of the human body.

Can you believe that one of the most striking inventions that you will see in our tour is a scuba gear that he designed for sneak attacks on enemy ships from underwater?

Moreover, his brilliant mind couldn’t surrender to the fact that men couldn’t fly, so he produced many flight studies and designed flying machines (although his flight experiments were not exactly a success!).

If like me, you are fascinated by beautiful minds, choose the tour of Leonardo’s museum and test his inventions! This guided tour is particularly suitable for kids, as they will love touching and testing the machineries and learning about the life and the works of the Greatest Genius of all times!





3 hours (1 hr inside the Leonardo Museum)


The Leonardo’s studies and inventions and the Florence main attractions


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